EMF Pendant W/ Copper Elite Shungite


  • Handmade item
  • Necklace length: 18 Inches
  • Gemstone: Quartz
  • Style: Minimalist
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  • Handmade item
  • Necklace length: 18 Inches
  • Gemstone: Quartz
  • Style: Minimalist


EMF Pendant W/ Copper And Elite Shungite,

A Stunning Minimalist Pendant featuring Elite Shungite, measuring 3.17 cm in width, using the highest grade of Shungite, Elite Shungite is revered and highly sought after as it has the most powerful healing properties of all Shungite and is 90% carbon, whereas other forms maybe 30% carbon. A stunning but simple black / copper open center pendant is made of Elite Shungite , Pure Copper nuggets, crushed Quartz Crystal, attached with a copper ball chain.

Organic & Inorganic elements all embedded within a nontoxic resin creating a piezoelectric effect known as Orgone. Orgonite has become a popular tool for protection against EMF pollution

Benefits of Copper:
Copper was used by our Ancestors, for destroying undesirable viruses & bacteria. The ancient Indians knew of these benefits, they threw copper coins in rivers, lakes, ponds, and wells to destroy bacteria and viruses. In fact the Ayurveda ( Natural Healing medicine Practice) recommends storing our water in copper vessels instead of plastic bottles, for this very reason. However, today’s generation throw coins in fountains without knowing the actual meaning, unaware of the true benefits and value of earth’s precious elements that connect us with nature for our own wellbeing.

Orgone energy is the Environmental Universal Energy Field surrounding us all and a part of our very own energy system, as well as the whole earth’s energy field. The energy that passes through the inside and outside of our body, when this Orgone is strong it restores balance to our system!

Orgonite Pendants attract positive charged (harmful) energies emitted from cellphones, computers, televisions, computers, laptops, and other air pollution, etc… through the attraction of the piezoelectric properties in the pendant which in-turn converts or transmutes these (harmful) positive charged frequencies into negative charged (non harmful) frequencies as found in nature’s energy vibrational field . These qualities provide many benefits contributing to our well-being by helping to bring our bio energy system into harmony with the earth and nature’s vibrational field, aiding in the balancing of negative and positive charged ions in our body for a sense of healing, grounding, and wellness.

Please Note: Since each pendant is handmade by myself, there may be slight differences in the appearance between the one you receive compared to the one in the photo.


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