EMF Amazonite Turquoise Round Pendant


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Handmade item
Materials: Copper, Organic Resin, Brass, Quartz Crystal, 24 K gold leaf, Opals, Amazonite


This Amazonite turquoise round pendant measures 3.50cm in width, A lovely piece of Orgonite EMF protection, comprised of natural Amazonite Gemstones, Opals, Quartz crystals, brass, copper & 24K Gold leaf, embedded in a non toxic resin. Attached with a 18 inch brass ball chain and recognized geometric symbol, The Flower Of Life

Orgone energy is the Environmental Universal Energy Field surrounding us all and a part of our very own energy system, as well as the whole earth’s energy field. The energy that passes through the inside and outside of our body, when the Orgone is strong it restores balance to our system!

Orgonite Pendants attract positive charged (harmful) energies emitted from cellphones, computers, televisions, computers, laptops, and other air pollution, etc… through the attraction of the piezoelectric properties in the pendant which in-turn converts or transmutes these (harmful ) positive charged frequencies into negative charged (non harmful) frequencies found in nature’s energy field. These qualities provide many benefits that contribute to ones well-being by helping to bring our body’s bio energy system into harmony with the earth and nature’s vibrational field, this helps to balance out negative and positive charged ions in our body for a sense of grounding, healing, and wellness.


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