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Riley's Nest started back in 2019 at the onset of Covid/Lockdown Pandemic. Our initial concern was for my family because of the increased use of their electronic devices and increased exposure to the harmful EMF pollution they were going to now be exposed to. Therefore, Earthing, Grounding, becoming closer to natures healing elements was our first thought, but it was just not a practical way since many people cannot get their bare feet on grass or ground to absorb earths natural healing electrons. Through my research I came across Wilhelm Reich's experiments and studies of orgone generation that promoted a healing effect, improving the individuals overall well being. So then, this lead me into the direction of orgonite devices, making them for family at first and evolving into this website where my creations continue to grow and develop in search of the most not only effective but beautiful pieces. Riley's Nest would like to promote a measure of EMF protection and wellbeing for everyone!

Any of the items in our list are great, authentic products that you can trust! If you have any questions, comments, or additional products that you want added to this site please email us at info@rileysnest.com

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Stunning, can't wait to give to my daughter. She will love the color, pink strand for around the neck and the emf muting properties. thanks for this unique offering! Update: I hadn't opened the package before giving to my daughter. Turns out RileysNest gifted a second identical pendant in the package! My daughter said it was good energy that we both get to have one, since I loved it myself. It's literally weightless on, and good to know it provides EMF protection. Beautiful workmanship and quality item. Would re-buy!
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Certified Russian Shungite

We use certified elite shungite powder and stones and various gemstones in all of our products

We Use Various Quality Authentic Products!

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